Pure Pilates Cincinnati

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Pure: definition
Free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from foreign or inappropriate elements.

Pilates: definition
A method of physical and mental conditioning originally developed and termed “Contrology” by Joseph H. Pilates. This exercise system involves stretches and breathing with focus of abdominal and core muscles, to elongate and strengthen the whole body.
Joseph Pilates, designer of the system

Joseph Pilates




Pure Pilates

We instruct our clients in the Classical Pilates Method or “Contrology,” as created by Joseph Pilates. We follow the purest form of his method proven to be effective over the last 50+ years.

Real Pilates
Pure Pilates believes in keeping the integrity of the original classical system which keeps the safety, health, and physical advancement of the client as the ultimate concern.

Pilates is complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. It develops the body very evenly to create balance and improve postural alignment. It increases flexibility and range of motion throughout the body to create a more graceful sense of ease in movement. Pilates strengthens the body overall by stabilizing the abdominals which ultimately revitalizes not only the physical body, but reawakens the mind, and energizes or lifts the spirit.